The annual membership fee is £10 payable from 1st October. Just turn up at one of our meetings to join or renew, or you can email us at

For students of the University of Cumbria the annual membership fee is £1.

Attendance Fees

There is no charge for members attending meetings.

Non Members pay £3 per meeting.

Privacy Policy

  1. Ambleside Natural History Society (ANHS) will collect personal data of members as are required for membership of the society, currently name, email address and status of membership payment only. It may be kept on paper and on private computers held or used by members of the committee.
  2. Personal data may be communicated between members of the committee for ANHS purposes only and will not be communicated to others unless the member concerned has given express consent.
  3. Personal data are held by ANHS in order to inform members of events or activities organised by ANHS or of closely related activities.
  4. Personal data will be deleted as soon as reasonably possibly after membership has ended.
  5. Members may ask to see and correct if necessary their personal data by contacting the secretary.

Approved by the ANHS Committee on 19 October 2018

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