2019-20 Meetings

With the exception of January, meetings are held on the University Of Cumbria Campus, Ambleside, on the second Thursday of the month at 7:30pm. The precise location of the next meeting is given on the home page.

10 October 2019

To be announced

14 November 2019

South of Scotland Golden Eagle Project

Philip Monro

The South of Scotland Golden Eagle Project aims to reinforce the small, isolated and vulnerable population of Golden Eagles in the Scottish Borders and Dumfries & Galloway. Through a series of translocations over a period of 5 years, we will look to increase numbers and prevent the loss of this majestic bird from Southern Skies.


12 December 2019

Morecambe Bay – an underwater safari

Gordon Fletcher (Diver and photographer)

It is easy to think the waters of Morecambe Bay are just cold, muddy and almost lifeless when it is in fact a rich and dynamic environment fed and driven by some of the highest tidal ranges around the UK and home to a multitude of often colourful marine creatures. This talk uses underwater photos taken in the Bay with first-hand experience to give an insight into the variety and lifestyles of many of these creatures.


23 January 2020

Jacobs Join supper and Annual General Meeting followed by showing of members’ best natural history photographs taken during 2019 (no more than six each, brought on a memory stick).

Ambleside Parish Centre, St Mary’s Church, Ambleside LA22 9DH

This meeting begins at 7:00pm. Note also the change of location.

13 February 2020

Land management in an iconic upland landscape

Pete Barron (John Muir Trust)

12 March 2020

The return of beavers to Cumbria

Lee Schofield (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, Haweswater)


9 April 2020

Natural flood mitigation

Mike West (South Cumbria Rivers Trust)

The talk will explain the different types of natural flood mitigation and their benefits compared with other flood defence techniques, including examples of how SCRT have used these techniques in practice in South Cumbria.



20 May 2020

Field trip (to be advised)

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